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Two DekSmart staff in white PPE powder coating a set of aluminium railings in the powder coating booth.

Powder Coating

Powder Coat Paint Finish
All DekSmart Railings powder coat finishes comply to:

  • NAAMM’s “Metal Finishes Manual for Architectural and Metal Products” for recommendations for applying and designating finishes.
  • ASTMB117-97 (3000 hr salt spray adhesion.
  • A.A.M.A.4 2604 colour uniformity, film adhesion, impact and chemical resistance criteria

Treatment of Raw Aluminum
All DekSmart Railings exposed aluminum components are treated
before powder coating through a full multi-stage pretreatment process.

  • First stage is treat the components with a heated alkaline based solution to remove oils and contaminates.
  • Second stage – freshwater rinse
  • Third stage – reverse osmosis rinse.
  • Fourth stage – E-CLPS sealer coat used to provide a superior bond for the powder coat finish to the aluminum.
  • Fifth stage – aluminum components are oven dried leaving a nearly colourless coating


Applying the Powder Paint

All Deksmart Railing components receive a baked-on powder coated finish in either a smooth or textured finish.

  • Powder coat finish is electrostatically applied and are thermosetically cured.
  • 8 standard colours, custom colours available and are quoted separately.
  • All powder coat paint is Polyester T.G.I.C. Free .
  • Powder coat finish is minimum 3 mil thickness for smooth gloss finish and 4 mil thickness for textured finish.

Powder Paint Quality Control

Powder-coated components are subjected to a comprehensive quality control program.

  • A visual check for powder paint consistency after the electrostatic application is performed under high-intensity lighting pre-thermoset curing
  • After thermoset curing, a visual check for powder paint consistency is performed.
  • An electronic gauge using the eddy current principle is used to measure paint thickness. (ASTM Practice D7091 for non-destructive measurements)
  • A boil test and cross-hatch test are performed on each paint batch to confirm paint adhesion as per suppliers’ recommendations