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Small picket railing in Spokane

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get railings in other colors?

Yes, we can powder coat your railings to match your color needs, we have access to hundreds of color choices.

Can I buy Deksmart Railings directly?

We only sell to qualified installation companies, we would be happy to refer one to you in your area, just call us.

Are Aluminum Railings expensive?

No, Aluminum railings are widely used in construction because they are not a high cost item, and over their lifetime can be much less costly than many other types of railings, especially when considering maintenance, painting and replacement cycles.

Can I repair aluminum railings?

If you have an accident and have damaged your railings, often times you can replace just that section of railing which is damaged, contact your contractor or call us.
Is there a warranty? Yes, see the warranty section on our website

Are Aluminum Railings approved in my city?

At Deksmart railings we put considerable effort into ensuring our railings are designed – tested – and approved for use in all markets. However, you should always consult your local building code prior to installing any railings.